Problem with Slack Import


I have the most recent snap installation of Rocket Chat - 0.61 and I wanted to import Slack data.
While users and channels are imported without any problems, the process stops at 1500/84000 and messages are not imported.
Importing ends with success status. This is what is in the logs.

[34mI20180612-08:29:27.660(2) Exception in callback of async function: Error: File exceeds allowed size of -1 B. [error-file-too-large]     at Filter.validateFileUpload [as onCheck] (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_file-upload.js:122:13)     at Filter.check (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/jalik_ufs.js:595:53)     at FileUploadClass.insert (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_file-upload.js:640:14)     at res.on.Meteor.bindEnvironment (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_importer.js:391:19)     at runWithEnvironment (packages/meteor.js:1238:24)  
[34mI20180612-08:29:28.358(2) rocketchat_logger rocketchat_logger.js:278 e[31mSlack Importer ➔ error TypeError: Cannot read property '_id' of undefined     at Object.createWithTypeRoomIdMessageAndUser (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_lib.js:8010:19)     at msgs.messages.forEach.message (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_importer-slack.js:558:52)     at Array.forEach (<anonymous>:null:null)     at (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_importer-slack.js:458:29)     at Array.forEach (<anonymous>:null:null)     at DDPCommon.MethodInvocation.Meteor.runAsUser (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_importer-slack.js:456:38)     at packages/dispatch_run-as-user.js:211:14     at Meteor.EnvironmentVariable.EVp.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1186:12)     at Object.Meteor.runAsUser (packages/dispatch_run-as-user.js:210:33)     at (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_importer-slack.js:442:18)     at Array.forEach (<anonymous>:null:null)     at Meteor.defer (/snap/rocketchat-server/1273/programs/server/packages/rocketchat_importer-slack.js:440:36)     at Meteor.EnvironmentVariable.EVp.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1186:12)     at packages/meteor.js:502:25     at runWithEnvironment (packages/meteor.js:1238:24) 

I have tried reinstalling, exporting slack data again, nothing works.
Do you have any pointers what can be the problem?

You say 61 we are on 0.65.1 typo? Just checking before diving too far into it :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a typo. Sorry.
Rocket.Chat Version: 0.65.1

I’m not that familiar with slack import, but maybe try setting the file size limit super high during the import?

That’s actually set when the import runs, according to the logic it was supposed to bypass the upload limit. @rodrigo.nascimento here is yet again another item of this, it needs to be fixed.

@pglimos please add your details here: when this bug is closed it should be resolved

+1 here - our import from Slack stopped after 3/4 of the channels.
It’s too late for us now hence we already used the empty channels and reimporting/merging is not an option?

Did it stop with the same error as above or a different error?