Server Configurations

Hello Rocket Chat Community.
I want to suggest Rocket Chat Server on a client.
I want to know if there are the below configurations.

  1. Central management(Log File System)
  2. Prevent users of deleting their messages and uploads(To control the outsourcing of files outside the company)

Thank you in advance for your time

  1. Yes depending on what you are referring to as Central management .We run a VM with Rocket chat server locally and we tied into the DC so it uses LDAP to create users cause i am lazy and less work for me the better. Just recently they added so it can also create channels and auto add users to those via LDAP but i haven’t played with that yet.
  2. Users permissions can be fine tuned and so can upload permissions to only allow certain file types make them encrypted and even specify how they are stored.

Browse the admin guide and it will answer a lot of your questions and more.