Team isolation/cooperation

We have several teams that will login Rocket chat using LDAP.
And they should have some privacy and isolation from each other. And this teams need to able to talk to each other as well.
If we let them work on a single server they will have to use only private channels. And as I see private channels even cannot be found by search. Looks too restrictive.

If we set up dedicated server for each team they will loose ability to comunicate between teams.
Federation as I see can not work with a single LDAP domain.

Is there some way to let people talk and not to lock them in some private channels?

I’ve found that it’s possible to use single ldap.
Just set domain name in federation settings as chat server and search for user@chatserver.domain.local

Would a group permission feature suit this purpose with private channels restricted to registered users in a group (or groups)?

I don’t understand what is group permission feature. You mean automapping ldap groups to channels?

@karabanga Currently there is no group feature, however a user can be associated with one or more (hard-coded) roles by an administrator.

I’m suggesting that, if an administrator could add groups/tags and associate users with one or more of them, it could provide a useful filter for channels. It would seem sensible to also map these groups to ldap groups.