User Permissions - Create / Edit User Permission for Non-Admin Role (etc: Moderator / Leader)


Under “Permissions” in the administrative settings, I’ve toggle the role “Leader” to have the ability to create / edit / delete users. We don’t want a Leader to have full admin privileges’, but at least manage new users signing up.

However, my user with “Leader” role does not have a drop down to manage users. It seems that to manage users, you need an “admin” role that allows you access to “administration/users”. However, we do not want our leaders to have full administrative access to all the server settings

Am I missing something? Is there another location to manage users if a role has permission to do so? Or, does a user always need the role of “admin” in order to access user settings to manage?

Here is a screen shot of setting the permissions for the role:

Here is the user account view that has role “Leader”: