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Screen reader accessibility would amazing! :)

I’m under the impression that there are compatibility issues with and screen readers and I think it would be absolutely incredible if becomes an accessible app. I think this would give r.c an edge over Telegram, Signal and possibly WhatsApp.

I have tested across a few different platforms and OSs. Below are notes that cover a few issues discovered:

Rocket Chat with VoiceOver screen reader on macOS:

  • It is challenging and an unintuitive experience to access the following sub-menus: avatar/personal menu, create new channel and filters. Once the sub-menu is opened I must tab through all of the elements on the page before keyboard focus enters the sub-menu.

  • When in a chat/channel and I receive a message from a participant, then the screen reader does not inform me that I have received a message. VoiceOver announced 1 out of 8 messages that I received whilst in a chat/channelRocketChat - probably depends on where keyboard focus is, but it didn’t seem clear.

  • When I open a channel, VoiceOver sometimes started reading random older messages.

  • Doesn’t inform user of a new message if they are not in the chat.

VoiceOver on iOS

  • Given that I am on RocketChat home screen, VoiceOver does not announce when a new message arrives.

  • When I am in a chat or channel then VoiceOver does not announce when I receive a new message

  • Does not describe ‘Directories’ icon, when in focus VO doesn’t say anything

TalkBack on Android

  • Wasn’t able to login to my workplace because the “Login with workplace ID” button does not work with TalkBack. I would press the button, but nothing would happen.

  • Can’t open a chat from the main screen

  • TalkBack did not announce a when new message arrived, when on home screen and when in chat.

  • Send message button doesn’t work. When in focus TB says ‘Send button, double tap to activate’, though when I double tap it does not send the message.

What are your thoughts on becoming a chat service that can be used by blind and partially sighted people?

Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at and document these issues.

I am trying to be super careful in typing this as clearly as I can!

I am going to refer these comments to our UI/UX team for comment.

They are working on a lot of developments now so this is great feedback.

I will try and get a proper response from them.

Best regards,

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Hi, I’m Leti from the UX Team, thanks a lot for your time and feedback, all your inputs are super helpful for us, as John said, we are working hard on many Ux/UI improvements, and we will start focusing and prioritize accessibility, this list of issues is a good starting point.
Thank you again.

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Hi John,

Your message was perfectly clear message to me.
Thank you for sharing my post with your colleagues :slight_smile:

All the best,

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Hi Leti,

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I do not doubt that you are working hard. is great in many ways. I am delighted to hear that you will start focusing on and prioritising accessibility. Please feel free to get in touch if you think I can be of more assistance. I have more detailed notes available too.

Warm regards,

QA tester, Equal Care Coop.

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Thanks Jan, your help and feedback are very useful for us. I’m sending you a DM so I can coordinate an interview or a quick call.

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