GSoC 2019 - VoiceOver Accessibility - Rudrank Riyam

The aim of this project is to add VoiceOver accessibility in the native Rocket.Chat iOS application. Minimum acceptable scope:

  • Login screen
  • Register screen
  • Editing profile
  • Adding server
  • Changing servers
  • Adding channels
  • Changing channels
  • Searching channels
  • Searching through direct messages
  • Reading messages
  • Writing messages
  • Uploading files
  • Adding reactions
  • Recording and sending audio

Primary purpose is to make Rocket.Chat for everyone , enhancing the user experience for users with low or no vision.

Final work submission (containing the relevant pull requests) -
Rocket.Chat iOS VoiceOver Google Summer of Code Project 2019 Submission

Presentation video depicting the before/after implementation with VoiceOver on coming up in a day.

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