How to enable and use Jitsi

I got a running local RC-Server:
Version 2.4.2

Betriebssystem Linux
Plattform linux
Architektur x64
Version 4.19.0-8-amd64
Node-Version v8.11.3
Mongo Version 3.6.17
Mongo Storage Engine wiredTiger

and want to test the videoconferencing feature with Jitsi.
I enabled jitsi
changed “domain” to
enabled “activate in channels”
and restart the server… but where can I find this Jitsi-Feature?
How can I start a videoconference with the client or the app? My main intention is to use screen-sharing.

the linuxclient has a “videochat”-button but when I start a video-call I got an 404-site not found error.
can anyone support?

Hello, @rocketman!
May this message finds you well.

Once Jitsi is working well here, I’m sending you a print screen of the current configuration I have. My RocketChat is in Portuguese, but I believe you’ll can transpose easily to your configurations. Any doubt, please, let me know.

thx for your reply.
It works with the default jitsi domain.