Redirection problem when attempting to authenticate with Rocket.Chat and then trying to return to a Jitsi meeting room

Context: I’m integrating Jitsi and Rocket.Chat. My goal is to have users authenticate through Rocket.Chat and then be redirected to specific named meeting rooms in Jitsi. This method works when initiating a chat directly from the Rocket.Chat app. However, the issue arises when I try to log into Jitsi directly.


  1. I’m using JWT Tokens for the authorization method.
  2. In the logs, there’s a recurring OAuth error indicating an issue with the redirect URI (, which makes me suspect the problem might be with the Redirect URI setting in Rocket.Chat.
  3. Numerous successful API calls (status 200) are observed, pertaining to registration status, routing configurations, user permissions, etc.
  4. I’ve experimented with various redirect URLs in the OAuth Applications section of Rocket.Chat. Currently, it’s set to*.

Steps Tried:

  1. Thorough inspection of system logs to detect any explicit error messages related to the redirection glitch. Found none that directly pinpoint the issue.
  2. Validated the integration setup between Rocket.Chat and Jitsi to ensure it’s configured correctly.
  3. Experimented with various redirect URIs in the OAuth Applications section.
  4. Conducted searches on GitHub and the Rocket.Chat forums for solutions but haven’t found one that addresses this particular problem.

Looking for insights or suggestions on troubleshooting and resolving this issue. Any guidance is appreciated!