Rocket.Chat iOS App receiving messages but will not trigger any iOS notifications

Please help. The Rocket.Chat app is obviously of limited use if it can’t trigger any notifications.

Messages come in for me in the Rocket.Chat app but they never trigger notifications in iOS. I also never see any badges on the app icon. Notifications from other apps work fine so I can confirm iOS notifications are not silenced or malfunctioning elsewhere. Rocket.Chat notification settings are enabled within iOS and within the Rocket.Chat app all Push Notification Alerts are set to “All Messages.”

Disabling the desktop and email notifications, and logging out from the desktop app and websites do not change this behavior.

Ever since I first installed the Rocket.Chat app, it has never triggered any notifications for me. And the problem has persisted through an app deletion and reinstall cycle, and an update to version 4.15.0. The one other person I know using the Rocket.Chat app on iOS said he though he was having the same problem.

Curious to know if anyone has any ideas for fixing this or if anyone else is experiencing this problem.


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I have a similar behavior for one of the users on ios - that notifications very rarely come, but in most cases they do not and the counter is not updated.
At the same time, the application for other users of the company works properly

Thanks for the validation @OlegK.

I can confirm ALL the mobile devices we have (iOS and iPadOS) have been exhibiting this same behavior from the start. (We first installed Rocket.Chat about two weeks ago.) None of us have ever seen a Rocket.Chat app trigger a notification or display a badge on mobile, and we’ve been working really hard trying everything to get it working. ALL of our other apps continue to have no problem triggering notifications.

It seems like a problem like this would be easy to identify and resolve. If we can’t get this working we’ll be forced to abandon Rocket.Chat entirely. We obviously can’t roll out to a larger organization with a problem like this. Reliable mobile notifications are the lifeblood of any chat platform.