Mobile Notifications won't Sound

Dear support,

I now have Rocket.Chat on both my Windows computer and Android phone.

When a new message comes in, the mobile device does not give any type of notification (sound). The desktop version works well.

I’ve tried changing the notification preferences on my phone via Profile > Setting (top right corner) >Notifications > Alert (change Default to All Messages).

However, the setting couldn’t be saved successfully, for it turns back to “Default” automatically.

Moreover, I also pushed notification settings for Android suggested by this page:

Still the notifications do not work correctly.

Could you please tell how to troubleshoot the issue? Do I need to make any extra configurations?

Best regards,

Hi there,

Can you try to restart your workspace in order to check if the issue is gone?


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We are having the same issue - one member who installed the app on iPhone the other day says the notifications are silent. She has not changed any settings on her phone. I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t verify this.

I have restarted the server just now, I will check in with her later and see if this is resolved.