Push Notification not working on iPhone X IOS 16.4.1

Hello I am working at an IT-Solutions company and we are using an inhouse-hosted rocket chat to communicate with each other. I have the app RocketChat on my iPhone X ios Version 16.4.1 installed and the push notifications in the iPhone setting enabled but it does not work.

This is a very big problem since I need to know when an other emplyee is needing something from me. please help me to fix this problem/bug.

Rocket Chat Version: (shown in the iphone rocket chat app settings)
Server Version: 5.4 (shown in the iphone rocket chat app settings)

I’m having the exact same issue. I can’t seem to get any push notifications from the app, no matter what I do. I’ve tried changing the “Notification Preferences” in the app for both “Desktop” and “Push” from “Default” to “All” and that setting never sticks. It always just switches right back to “Default” and the device never gets a push notification. I’ve allowed Push notifications for the app in the device settings too. This is also happening on an older iPad too.

device: iPhone X