Rocket.Chat app keeps reconnecting

I have server installed on Ubuntu server using docker container.

Sometimes when using the web app, it freezes “takes a while to load the page”. Also, sometimes it I get “Waiting for server connection” warning shows below

Additionally, I have the app integrated in my webste using iFrame integration. But, when the user first logs in the page take a long time to log the user into the

I don’t know if they two issues are related, but any idea on how to fix these issues?

Hi Malhayek,

Does the web “freezes” only using iframe integration? Have you tested without iframe?

@nick.vidal Yes it freezes even when using the app directly. The screen shot I included above is from the app directly outside of the integration.

Would you be able to provide me the version number of Rocket.Chat please?

@nick.vidal I am using version 3.12.1
MongoDB: 4.4.6
Apps Engine Version: 1.23.0
Node Version: v12.18.4

Did you follow all steps listed here?

Also, you might want to update it to the latest version.