Rocket.Chat freezes (some users, not all)

Hello, we have been using Rocket.Chat for a long time, recently some users (not all) have the problem that Rocket.Chat on the web and on the Windows client stay in “loading” state or only shows whitescreen.
Users have the same IP space, sit next to each other and one has the problem, one does not.

I have already thrown away the Docker container and restarted it.
Also restarted the whole server.
We are using the latest version (6.6.3) with the appropriate MongoDB version. The OS is Ubuntu 23.10

Do you have any idea what could be causing this?


I have the exact same issue, it seems some channels/rooms/user chats will freeze (doting/loading infinitely, nothing gets displayed) the browser/electron client (high cpu load), others work. I was not able to pinpoint a cause yet.
Initially i assumed it was the private app Jitsi or “poll” → but these I could rule out (I think).
I cannot find anything specific on these rooms that will cause the freeze. Browser Console log gives no hint. Server Logs show nothing either.

it is 100% reproduceable though for the rooms/chats etc in question.

I Downgraded and tried different upgrade paths, all show the same. Starting with 6.6.0 → 6.6.3 the freezes occur.
6.5.4 works.

my upgrade path was: 6.5.4 → 6.6.0

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We have 1x case, where it freezes, when you want to close the banner that says “xxx seats left… buy more”, in chrome you can see in the debug console, that there is some kind of error for this “POST” function:

We have noticed something interesting.
A normal user has the problem that he gets stuck on loading or in the white screen.
As soon as we give the user admin rights, the error is no longer present.

As of now, we recovered a backup from last week and it works again.