Roadmap Reveal 🗺 What's next for Rocket.Chat, Sep 22

Rein in marketing team

Can you please put some breaks on your marketing people?

One email asking / telling us that you “want to help us get the most out of RC” is fine.
But weekly pingbacks are not cool at all.


Is this marketing or sales?

I guess you’re right it’s sales (at least that’s what it says in the signature from one of the two people that have been emailing us so far).

Let me try to explain my state of mind, and the possibly slightly unreasonable annoyance those mails caused. I don’t have a problem with those kinds of email in general (but the frequency is really over the top) but rather that I already know how the whole process will play out.

The people sending those mails clearly don’t have a technical background but are business oriented.
Now our problems with RC aren’t business related but instead pretty much spot on what was described in the “The Good, the bad and the ugly” post.

I did try to (much more poorly) express some of the pain points mentioned in that post in a somewhat brusque answer to the fourth or fifth ping back but then really didn’t have the energy to follow up because I know exactly where it will lead: Nowhere.

It’s just going to be a lot of mails back and forth, maybe a call or two and then things are going to stay exactly as they are now.

Thanks for the considered response :slight_smile:

We now have a Community Team to listen to your issues, and try and get them fixed.

Please understand that post was written over 3 years ago (and I was still an ordinary community member then so I understand it!!). Since the start of the year Rocket.Chat has changed massively and we are building fast. There is still plenty to address, but we are working on it.

Since we started the Community team a few months back we have tried to work on fixing some of those issues that were listed, but obviously Rome was not built in one day.

Our team triage bugs, and yes there will be a new simplified labelling system coming shortly that we hope will communicate issue statuses more clearly. We would love some community help there.

Yes we know that due to our back end systems, any work in progress has not been well communicated back to the community, and we are working on resolving that.

Our team now have regular triage meetings with the Product Managers to make sure items get attention and are not left (because it is they, and not developers, who decide what gets put on the road map) so the Community now has a real voice going forward.

We have already had a lot of fixes incorporated - with sub directory support being restored a notable achievement.

Rocket.Chat is also working on QA and some of the other items mentioned.

Of course we would be delighted if people from the community got more involved with the Community Team and we can then show you some of the things that are happening, and involve you in the process.

Beyond that please outline what you want to see changed? Let’s see if we can prove that we really are listening, and what we can fix (but note Miracles are not in Department !!)

You can of course always get me on if you want to chat through anything.

B. Rgds,