Does anyone from the RC team monitors the github issues?

I really wonder if anyone from the Rocket Chat Team manages or at least monitors the github issues for Rocket Chat? Besides of the employee of the week that gets randomly send to the github account there is basically radio silence.
There are thousands issues that are unanswered, duplicates or ignored for years.

The amount of major bugs that are frequently introduced getting more and more so likewise the created issues go hand in hand with it. There are currently 2500 open issues - not sure if this counts as advertising?

Why do I open this thread here ?
Because currently it looks like nobody from the team cares about the newly introduced bugs that makes hardly RC usable. Are you aware that these problems exist? I can’t tell because the PRs and changelogs are a utter mess from a developer point of view, the issues are ignored - no idea what was fixed or not.

The general quality of the software has decreased massively over the last year. Basic things are and were broken in general. The login doesn’t work, you don’t get a message that you have a new message or are there problems writing messages? Anyway, we have a new EE feature here, such wow.
Ah my bad but this major bug does not get fixed in your old version, you need to update to the next version that cuts down silently functionality and introduce other major problems. Nice.

I fully understand that you can’t fix everything now and today or in short term. That is not really a problem, but you also gave no feedback at all. And we are talking about time spans of YEARS not weeks.

I hope someone can help me to understand the current situation.
best regards


Hi @CvH , thank you for you feedback.

We are aware that we need to improve the community work on github and we are planning to do so.
We are planning to create triage parties, get more employees involved in GH issues and pull request…

About your complains about the software, I’d like to quote Chris:

Thank you so much and we are doing our best to keep improve the user experience

What does a community call offer that can not be better handled via an issue tracker?

The community call does not eliminate the need to improve our issue tracking for sure. I are keep trying to improve our communications and issue/PRs tracking in Github. Thanks for your feedback