Is it possible to buy something at the market?

It asks for login to a Cloud and offers no registration.

Looks like selling something is not on RC team plans :)))
I tried to ask the support about how to register and it looks they do not bother to even read letters.
Just robo-like answers about weather and pricing plans.
And I’ve never seen support answering like this:

You can reach out to our support team in [](

They will be able to help you.

Where did you get this message? We are trying tot understand how we missed your request.


Full conversation is in attachment. – answered like a robot

Then Marina Vdovkina (Russian support team?) replaced him. But she could not help and just stopped answering.



Thanks, I’ll review that with the team. Sorry for dropping the ball here.

do you have the ticket number?

Hello @karabanga!
I would like to personally apologize for the cold email I sent you.
In the past few months, we have received thousands of new inquiries and customers weekly, and we have been trying to pick up with all the increased demand.
We have more than 12 million users like you and we would like to offer the best service we can to all, but this is, of course, a challenge.
Sometimes is difficult to keep the personal touch with such a high demand, but this is not an excuse.
Thank you for your feedback and we will try to always improve our customer service!
Best regards,

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