Registration with OpenLDAP authentication


I want to connect my rocket chat server with OpenLDAP. when I set that all settings I got connections successful but when I synchronized data from LDAP it says that it’s processing but then no more progress no more failure.

Any have an idea?

Server Setup Information


  1. Rocket.Chat Version: 3.5.0
  2. NodeJS Version: 12.14.0 - x64
  3. MongoDB Version: 4.0.19
  4. MongoDB Engine: mmapv1
  5. Platform: linux
  6. Process Port: 3000
  7. Site URL:
  8. ReplicaSet OpLog: Enabled
  9. Commit Hash: 72718532bc
    10.Commit Branch: HEAD

Any additional Information

View Logs info .

I20200817-12:56:16.959(0) LDAP ➔ Init setup
I20200817-12:56:16.969(0) LDAP ➔ Connecting ldap://
I20200817-12:56:17.077(0) LDAP ➔ LDAP connected
I20200817-12:56:17.082(0) LDAP ➔ Binding UserDN cn=admin,dc=genetech,dc=pk
I20200817-12:56:17.091(0) LDAP ➔ Searching user *
I20200817-12:56:17.107(0) LDAP ➔ Final Page
I20200817-12:56:17.109(0) LDAPSync ➔ info Import finished. Users imported: 0
I20200817-12:56:18.112(0) LDAP ➔ Idle
I20200817-12:56:18.114(0) LDAP ➔ Disconecting
I20200817-12:58:00.198(0) SyncedCron ➔ info Starting “Generate download files for user data”.
I20200817-12:58:00.202(0) SyncedCron ➔ info Finished “Generate download files for user data”.