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Registration Success message change

Is there a way to change the success message. I would like it to say something along the lines of ‘please contact the admin via this email or telegram to properly identify yourself.’


I know I can bypass that by simply adding extra fields to the registration form, but the design is all wrong and it only accepts json code, contrary to what is stated in the settings example code.

Check in Administration:


What is ‘Wrong’ and where?


In a community setting barely anyone checks their mail, sadly, hence why I asked if there’s a way to change the message. I will make it a plan B though, thanks.

What is ‘Wrong’ and where?

This bit here. It didn’t let me attach multiple images in a post. Probably someone just messed up the text formatting.

I think that you will find that is a UI bug in the help message :slight_smile:

JSON does not contain HTML so that test code should look like this:

{ "role": { "type": "select", "defaultValue": "student", "options": ["teacher", "student"], "required": true, "modifyRecordField": { "array": true, "field": "roles" } }, "twitter": { "type": "text", "required": true, "minLength": 2, "maxLength": 10 } }

If you throw that in a JSON formatter it will look somthing like this:


It would also help if you told us a bit more about your installation as well.

Check this for a bit of a template:

Yeah, I figured while I was at it, I would report the bug as well.

Yeah, sorry about that. I kind of skipped over it, thinking it wasn’t relevant in the current situation:

  • Server hardware: Dedicated server
  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.16.3
  • Operating System: Debian 10
  • Deployment Method: apt
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • NodeJS Version: v12.18.4
  • MongoDB Version: 5.0.1 / wiredTiger

Anyway, if there’s no option to change the Registration Succeeded screen text, the thread can be closed for all I care.

Be nice if you would and we can get it fixed.

Have you looked in Administration/admin/Email ? You can modify various messages in there.

If you are after changing a registration pop up on screen then you would currently have to build your own.

Alternatively add a well documented feature request.

Be nice if you would and we can get it fixed.

Does this mean I should make a separate thread in the appropriate forum category?

Have you looked in Administration/admin/Email ? You can modify various messages in there.

Yeah, I’ve looked over it and modified the registration success email.
As for the feature request, I can do that, but you guys seem quite swamped with more important tasks from what I saw in the “Google code of summer” section in the docs.

It needs a bug report in GitHub

Please try and test on the latest version you can - 3.17 is just releasing.

We’re always swamped :slight_smile: But we are growing fast and getting more development resources all the time. GSOC is kind of incidental to all that.

Just add it to the list - I have no idea whether they will consider it important or want to work on it, but if there is no feature request we’ll never know!

Please make sure you use the templates and document things out carefully - the better it is the more chance you will be listened too.