Changing the account approved email


How can I change the email sent when an account has been manually approved? Currently, it sends a plain text “account approved” email. It is not affected by any of the templates in the Admin Email panel, and I can’t find it in the source files.

Any help would be great




Indeed i don’t find a place to change this.

Can you point the exact steps and configurations you have for user registration so I can try to replicated it?


Hey @dudanogueira,

Sorry for the slow reply.

Sure. Here are my registration settings:

Send email to user when user is activated: Enabled
Send email to user when user is deactivated: Disabled
Require Name For Signup: Enabled
Require Password Confirmation: Enabled
Only allow verified users to login: Disabled
Verify Email for External Accounts: Enabled
Manually Approve New Users: Enabled

With these settings, when I approve a user, that simple “account approved” email is sent.

Hope that helps