Question about the new plans

Can someone please let me know if the new “Starter” plan (Pricing) is the same as a standard CE installation? If not what are the differences?

My concern is the 25 user limit mentioned on the pricing page. This is currently not the case on our self-hosted installation. Is that new? And will it impact our deployment if I happen to upgrade?

Hi @billynoah,

The Starter plan includes all of the Rocket.Chat premium features with a couple of small exceptions for up to 25 users. If you go over you’ll get access to a Pro Trial automatically. If you prefer not to run Starter or Pro Trial then you can remove the license and you’ll revert to Community automatically but premium features will be disabled (same as prior versions). I saw your follow-up on another thread and am prompting the team to reply on that item.

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Of course only activated users and no bots count, right? Everything else would be outrageous…