Push notifications are not sending for specific user

Rocket.Chat Version: 0.74.3
NodeJS Version: 8.11.3 - x64
Platform: linux
iOS official client iPhone/iPad v3.41
Setting: Push Mobile Notifications For All Messages. (the same behavior for Mentions)

I don’t know why but from some point push messages stopped sending for me. I receive test push message for all my devices but I don’t for regular messages.

I switched on debug messages and I see “send message” logs only for a test message:

34mI20190413-07:36:54.660(0) Push: send message "@<username>" via query { userId: 'GSQ7WN4ax98qxxxxxxx' } 
e[34mI20190413-07:36:54.661(0) Push: send to token { apn: 'fc80b0364064bd67aa206d15f4c96b6f911e65d273ef1e4d03ea71dxxxxxxxxx } 
[34mI20190413-07:36:54.663(0) Push: send to token { apn: '161262d6989eec5fd072bc468441c0cc7b198cf3456022a3d4cc94fxxxxxxxx' } 
[34mI20190413-07:36:54.667(0) Push: send to token { apn: 'ce63e208a03531d70a24d59063768ca14530bf6df3e7c0efcb5dd4xxxxxxxx' } 
[34mI20190413-07:36:54.669(0) Push: send to token { apn: 'a0d11f1d318ae264608bdbfd4ae74437dfef5e6243db1ed2957606a7xxxxxxxxx' } 
e[34mI20190413-07:36:54.672(0) Push: send to token { apn: '42976f6397bfb35a59f897eb553de84ead4bc5434673a6873c090xxxxxxxxxx' }

There are no any problems for the other users. Any suggestions?

Same here. No notifications on iOS 12 even though they are turned on in phone settings and in app. We are a cloud based paying customer. :confused:

The issue has been resolved in same way as it appeared - for no apparent reason.

Some new information: the issue is still present and it’s connected with the desktop app. When I close desktop app push notifications strat working but after a few days have passed, push notifications don’t work again till I close the desktop app again.