Push notification test failed on app


i would need help to correctly set push notifications on rocketchat application, which i have installed on a Digital ocean dropplet with snap, and reverse proxy nginx, i have followed this guide ’ https://desk.rocket.chat/portal/en/ kb/articles/i-don’t-t-receive-push-messages ’ but unfortunately i can’t figure out what i’m missing
if it can be helpful this is the link ’ https://mfchat.devlign.it/ ',

thanks in advance

Hi @domenico_g do you have info from the logs (Admin > Workspace > Logs)? What do they show?

There are other 2 things to consider:

→ There’s a limit of 10k push notifications for community users
→ Make sure you haven’t passed that limit.

And if you haven’t passed the limit, then try to restart the workspace and check logs before and after. Best!