PUsh Notification not working when embed the livechat widget in webview Android

Hi there!

i have deployed the rocket chat instance on a separate domain and everything is working as is except the push notification. i use the live chat widget embed code and put it in a webview in android, as per the documentation the push notification should work if we disable the gateway and add the GCM project number and key. i did it exactly but still not able to get the push notifications.

any one facing the same issue?
anyone care to help me out its been 2 weeks and i am stuck at this point.

Hi, I am catching up with older messages.

Did you resolve your issue?

I did tried multiple times but couldn’t get it to work. Is there any other way for push notifications. I am using 13.2 RC

13.2RC ?

Do you mean 3.13.2RC?

First, use the lastest and don’t work with RC. They are for testing only.

Unfortunately setting up your own gateway is not a simple task. Please follow the documentation for more.

You should forget all the livechat stuff and just concentrate on getting push working with Rocket.Chat You can look at other issues later.

To get any further help you really need to give us a detailed report of what you have done so far.

Have a read here on how to report issues effectively.

hey john!

just a little help

do i have to provide both the apn and gcm keys
in here for push notifications to work or only gcm is enough?

your help will be very much appreciated.



I believe APN settings are for Apple/iOS and GCM are for Google/Android