Problems signing up to the cloud

I was trying to add an app from the RocketChat marketplace and was asked to log into the cloud and register the workspace. I did that according to this documentation but got the following error message:

Invalid redirect uri. If you are attempting to login to your workspace, please go back and click the “Sync” button (d860f007-ccee-4dbf-a626-6bd28f38439e)

Also did click the sync button several times, every time I did it showed a message stating than sync was successfull but when reattempting to connect to the cloud still shows the same error shown above.

I also tried modifying the URI but no luck.

Also tried Loging out to reattemp to add the key provided by the web but the chat interface does not request it anymore, it uses the sameone I set up the first time.

Could you please help me solve this?


Can you login into receiving the link on the registered email?

Hi Duda. Yes I can and I see there my workspace


Not sure what’s happening here. If it was registered already, it should give a specific.

Have you tried logging out of cloud and log in again with the browser already logged in at the cloud?

I´ll attach a few screenshots to make the flow clearer:

I´ve already entered the workspace key and now I see this:

When I click on “Iniciar sesión en Rocket.Chat Cloud” It shows the following:

Then I follow the instructions to click Sync

And the same repeats. When I click to sign in to the cloud It shows me the same error message as before.

So I tryed loging out by clicking “Desconectar”, and after I did that I see the next screen

So I start the process again clicking “Haz click aqui para registrar tu espacio de trabajo.”
Now when I click on that button it takes me back to the same screen as the first screen shot. It does not allow me to re enter the workspace key.

And the cycle repeats.

Shoul I erase the workspace and create a new one? I havent tryied that yet

Well… I guess we can try this.

Please, feel free to reach me at our open server so I can try to help you directly:


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