I can't connect to Rocket Chat Cloud

I am trying to connect to Rocket Chat Cloud in which all credentials are correct but I keep getting and error.
I can log into Rocket Chat Clod separately from chat application. When I attempt to sync in Rocket Chat application it syncs fine but it wont allow me to log in from chat app directly I keep getting this messae

The Rocket.Chat Workspace you are attempting to sign into is currently associated with a different Rocket.Chat Cloud account than the one you are signed in with. (55deccf9-ca45-4731-b01c-2b7a8c99338c)

I have the same problem. Whats your server’s hardware and software setup? Perhaps there is a problem in our setups? I really want to figure out what’s the problem :sweat_smile:

Was this ever solved? I’m having the same problem.

i have the same problem with my chat.! :upside_down_face: