Automatically to 'take it' chat in omnichannel when chosen agent pops up online

I noticed that some disconnections happen on my admin mobile app and when I have a guest on my website who tries to write in livechat, the guest received nothing, even when I(app) get connected to server, I even cannot see(in android app) missed chats with guest so I have to use webclient to connect and ‘take it’ these chats as an agent.

I offer to create feature to take these chats omatically when an agent pops up online.

I also notified that android app has some bug, it doesn’t reconnect automatically if Internet signal was dropped, so I have to shutdown app and start app again for get connected to server.


If you are you able to reproduce it consistently, maybe this is more a bug then an idea.

For a bug report, we need clear ways to reproduce it, and to be opened at Issues · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub for better visibility.