Livechat disable department selection in offline mode

Is there a way to disable the department selection when agents are offline in the livechat?

The optional field shows as “I need help with…”

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I can see a way of implementing this, which is a nice feature, by the way.

But not thru Rocket.Chat settings, at the moment.

What you could do is consume Rocket.Chat APIs, get department and agents, and discover the availability of agents. Depending on that, you disable or enable the Department in the registration form.

Some heavy scripting will be needed :sunglasses:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Looks like the popup is in an iframe. Is there a way to run custom JavaScript in this frame?

Could I change the text of “I need help with…” to something else? I tried doing this in translations under general settings but perhaps I did something wrong:
{“en”:{“I need help with…”:“Language”}}

No, they are different codebases.

You can change the code for the livechat widget, build it, and host your own version.

It lives here:

Thank you for the quick responses. Is there a way to enable a message box by default or a starting message instructing people to Click on the “type your message here”, we are concerned people may miss that step.

You can create a trigger in Omnichannel > Livechat Triggers, that will generate a “fake message” from either a “fake agent” or the next agent in line, depending on your settings.

Thank you again for your help getting us started.

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