Privacy and this stuff


Hi, i hope i’m right here.
I heard that Rocket Chat should one of the better chatsoftware. Well, the first impressions are really good.
But my intention is different:
I come from Germany and i consider to use RC in an public school environment. So first of all there are no technical issues. There are issues about the “data”. There are two ways to use RC: Cloud and on-premise. If we use on-premise, what will be with ALL data. I heard something that this belongs to RocketChat, even if we use it not in cloud.
Is this right?

Regards Sebastian


I recommend you taking a look into our LICENSE and our documentation, but in summary, AFAIK, if the server is in on-prem Rocket.Chat will never have access or right to any of your data.


@rafael.kellermann thanks.
i think i understand it and i hope my colleagues too.