Question about the privacy policy and the push notifications

Hello, I have been running an instance on a VPS I rent for some time now, and after updating to the 3.5.0 version of, push notifications got disabled (according to the new thread created recently). I, therefore, need to accept the privacy policy and such if I want to re-enable these notifications. However, in the privacy policy, it is written :

Content you provide

When you use our Services you may provide content into that service (e.g. upload file, send a message).

“Service” here, is defined as :


Service means the website, the community server, the Rocket.Chat Marketplace, incl. associated Rocket.Chat Apps, the service offering, push notification gateways and the Rocket.Chat mobile applications operated by Rocket.Chat Technologies Corp.

It is also written before that :

You remain in control of your personal data

We cannot access your personal data in a self-managed instance of Rocket.Chat. Our code is open source, there are no back doors whatsoever. You are however free to connect a self-managed instance to other services, e.g. our marketplace or push notification gateway, where this privacy policy applies. You can also connect it to third party services, such as external authentication services, in which case their privacy policy applies.

My question is, what is exactly uploaded to the official servers when I do agree with the Terms & Privacy policy on my self hosted instance? Are all the uploaded files sent? All the messages from anyone? Or in the case I do only use the push notifications (from your servers), does it only gather data about the defined content of the notifications (set in Push > Privacy)? What does Service even mean in this case? I would understand if “Services” meant the public server for the uploaded content, but definitely not for self-hosted instances. I know there is a way to use a custom push gateway, but this is to much of a hassle to setup for a small community like mine.

Thanks in advance for your answers.