Push notification pricing

Hi! Should i pay for push notification if i use community edition for my own RC instance?

https://rocket.chat/pricing Community -> Preconfigured Proxy Servers -> Push Notifications 1000 monthly - what does it mean

Hey, there!

1000 push notifications monthly mean that you can use push notifications normally in the Community edition, up to this limit. This is a global limit, meaning 1000 push notifications across all users. The system will let you know if you’re approaching this limit, and you’ll be able to purchase separate packages for push notifications if you have the need.


Hi Bruno, you mentioned that the system will let you know if you’re approaching this limit. As an admin where can I go to find this or see a running total before monthly reset? I’ve looked under Admin > Info, but don’t see any values there. We’ve had times where push notifications have just stopped for no apparent reason, no configuration changes have been made, and then all of sudden they start working again. I’m wondering if we are over that quota when that happens. Thank you.

Hi, Nathan!

The limitation is not yet in place, but will be soon. A public statement will be soon published to specify all the details.

In the meantime, please engage our support team in order to troubleshoot the push notifications issues you’re having.


Limitation is applied at the livechat too?
If I want use my gateway limitation is applied?


I’m not sure if I understood that correctly: if I physically host a Rocket.Chat instance on my own server, is there a limit of 1000 notifications?

“Additionally, anyone who wishes to have full control over the push notification services can host their own servers and integrate with the Apple and Google networks without purchasing the package, as was already the case.”


There is definitely no limitation inside of Rocket.Chat. All self-hosted or not that go through our push gateway to our mobile apps from the app store would be effected.

If using own FCM/APN creds from Google/Apple would not have any limit since does not involve our infrastructure at all.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your quick feedback.

What would I have to do with a self-hosted instance to not be affected by the limit? If I see it correctly, I can’t set a gateway for the mobile apps, which would mean that I would have to build the mobile apps for Android and Apple myself. Or will there be a setting in the apps that can be set on the server side? What needs to be configured on the server side?

Is there a guide for using your own FCM/APN creds from Google/Apple with Rocket.Chat?

And I would like to come back to the following post:

Are the messages sent via your push gateway encrypted in terms of content or is only the transport route encrypted?


Not using gateway would involve your own apps.

When you build a mobile app you have to provide a public id that is used to register your device with Apple and/or Google’s servers giving your device a device id.

The app then registers that device id to your user in your Rocket.Chat servers.

Then when a push needs sent… Rocket.Chat sends the message destined for your device and the registered device Id to our push gateway.

Our push gateway has the private key that matches the public Id. It then immediately forwards to FCM or APN using device id, private key and message.

The whole reason for the push gateways existence is you aren’t able have multiple public id compiled in to the app and doing at runtime is not possible on all platforms.

So the easiest way was to make the pushgateway. This makes it easy to just deploy Rocket.Chat and download the apps. Instead of having to figure out how to compile.

I’m very curious if you actually see greater then 1k push per month? As mentioned in the announcement post it’s only about trying to recoup some of the cost. Not about being stingy. :slight_smile:

Secured in all transmissions and contents never logged or stored. Contents encryption is a feature I believe planned. But disabling transmission of content is already feature in Rocket.Chat

@aaron.ogle Thanks. Is the limit of 1000 by user or by instance?

And is it possible to check how many pushes were sent?

To my knowledge by server.

I believe will be surfaced in the UI. Also alerts will of course be sent prior to hitting it

I’ve raised a few concerns here:

A primary one is where notifications get sent when I am at my desktop and autoaway is set.

I don’t have Rocket in focus very often - I check periodically - so I get a notification to my mobile even though it isn’t required. Multiply that by a few users and suddenly you get dozens of unrequired notifications.

Yes, I could set it to mentions only, but then people are going to be mentioning me every 5 minutes if they aren’t sure where I am, ‘just in case’.

And then if I am out, and the Rocket app doesn’t have focus, I may get a dozen notifications when maybe I only need one.

As I mention in the original post.

1000 messages per month.

30 or so messages a day between even 6 users is just 5 notifications per device per day.

Unfortunately this is going to apply to the vast majority of users, not just the ‘20% of large users’.


@aaron.ogle where do I find a price list?

Responded there on that thread as to not duplicate responses.

I think some is included with some of the pricing on our pricing page. But i’m not sure about the pricing for just extending the quantity. sales@rocket.chat would definitely be best place to inquire to get directly from sales team.

Mentioned in the other thread but will mention here. This will be a soft cap at first. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone has some information about the possibility of only increasing the limit of push notifications for the server?

More info will be coming soon. Rest assured will be possible before any sort of cap.

Does this mean that if I want to use more than 1000 messages/month, I have to upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise subscriptions?

It’s still a way off and I don’t think there are any firm limits set in stone as yet, so don’t panic right now.

Equally, Rocket has to pay for infrastructure to run all this - it isn’t free - and if you are using a lot of notifications then it is only reasonable you should contribute towards that.

Yes, you have the option of running your own push notification server, but you will probably have to compile you own apps though you could use something like this: