Prevent GPU acceleration in macOS desktop app?


There seems to be no settings for it.


Hi! Could you describe why an option for it would be needed?


A couple of reasons:

  • Save battery life
  • Preserve discrete GPU (google faulty 2010/2011 mbp gpu)

I can understand Photoshop needing it since it renders 3D objects but why does rocket need GPU acceleration?


Most of the time, it’s for embedded content, like videos, and a few animations, but I bet it increases the smoothness on scrolling a huge chunk of messages. However, we already disabled it by default on Linux due to a video driver issue when dragging elements and AFAIK it doesn’t degraded user experience.
I like this feature, but it should be available on the UI instead of some command line or configuration file. It isn’t defined yet which release will bring a Preferences panel, which I consider a blocker to implement this setting.


Nice, will this be implemented soon or it’s on a todo list?


In the current milestone (version 2.15.0) we are working to redesign the UI internally (i.e. rewrite the components to make collaboration and maintenance more easy), which will enable 2.16.0 to hold a Preferences panel. There is no ETA for these releases, but usually they are monthly.