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Client-Upgrade 3.70 leads to blurring Rocket Chat


Hello all,

I’m only familiar with the client-side of the application.
Yesterday I upgraded my client on PC (Win 10) to Version 3.70
Since the upgrade, the chat-window becomes blurry on loosing focus and sometimes at random. the blurryness doesn’t always go away when focus comes back and sometimes only some parts of the chat-window stay blurry. This is very uncomfortable. I’m seriously considering to downgrade.
Is this a known bug? Could this be related to anything else (like graphics driver, though not likely, since I experience the behaviour on different platforms)?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Pelle (Carsten)

Hi! Welcome to our forums!

WHats is the server version?

Do you see the same behavior on the web browser client?


thanks for getting back. Our Server is Version 3.18.3.
It appears the browser-version works fine (crystal clear forever).


This is not a common issue.

This happens only on a single machine or at multiples installations?

It would be nice to have a screenshot.

This looks like a windows or a video settings issue to me. Have you enabling or disabling the GPU support at the Client?

Hello again,
there’s been a bunch of things getting in my way to getting back to your answer. First of all: Thanks for caring. I’m not in an administrators position, so I can’t tell if others have the same or similar issues. For all I know, people have been lazy upgrading - so I might as well be the first person to have installed the latest release.
Next I’ve already taken screenshots, but there’s personal data involved and company data as well. I’m struggling hard to find a way to get a neutral screenshot, but I’ll try more. Blurring it out wouldn’t help in this case, since that’s precisely the problem we’re looking at.
Normally I do have GPU support enabled wherever I can. I’ll check the current settings, but it might as well take some more days.

Sorry for being so vague this time - I’ll try to come up with more information.

Hi! No worries :slight_smile:

Take your time. And thank you too for helping!

Also, happy new year!! :champagne:

Hello again and a belated happy new year.
I’ve created a Screenshot with all private information removed (hopefully). I hope that helps :wink:
Oh… and YES, GPU support is enabled.


Hello again,

I do have the feeling that this is somehow related to my graphics card / driver, since it does not occur on my “other” PC. Oddly though, I haven’t been able to disable GPU-support (doing so results in the chat-window becoming invisible and me having a really hard time getting it back).