Mac desktop client - no e2e password prompt


I am not getting prompted for my e2e password from my mac desktop client (v 3.0.0). This is causing messages to remain encrypted in some rooms.

It was working, but we recently updated/moved the server. My mobile app continues to work and so does desktop browser access (after a cookie removal).

I assume it was cached and just needed re-entry, but cannot find a way to enter it.
My Account=>Security only includes 2fa options.
I tried deleting ~/Library/Containers/chat.rocket.
I tried reinstalling the app.

I can’t find where it is cached (possibly meteor?). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! I have asked help on our Desktop channel:

In case anyone else has this problem, Duda pointed me to the newest build (on github) and it fixed the issue.

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