Define and encourage standards GitHub Topics for non-official repositories related to Rocket.Chat


TL;DR: Rocket.Chat is a powerhouse on GitHub, but it’s adapters/bridges/integrations could have some basic marketing help on how to promote they using GitHub Topics; for example, HuBot uses hubot-adapter topic, but most repositories related to Rocket.Chat depends on less efficient and unreliable string search

In special because of the issue Rocket.Chat Apps #6890 and because of this tweet asking feedback by chatbot people, even if at some point someone decide have some marketplace inside the rocketchat app, would be nice make easier for developers find extensions on GitHub that have some sort of integration with Rocket.Chat.

For example, is common even for good developers struggle with some new software they are trying to integrate. Promote ways to find these people, and be found, is a win-win, even if these repositories still not mature to be part of some market place.

My proposal here is the Rocket.Chat developer and marketing working teams define some more standard ways to use GitHub Topics as one way to promote a healthy collaborations between developers who want make integrations with rocket chat by at least proposing some topics.

Printscreens about searches on GitHub

As reference, I will post here as reference of current state.

Search by “rocketchat” string:

Search by “rocketchat-adapter” string

Tip: none have any Topic. Also only one has stars.

Search by “rocketchat-integration”

Tip: only one have topics, but the topic is “rocketchat” itself. Even if no one will go for a trademark, still good encourage some standards.


A step by step motivation. The only way I discovered the repository jacted/speed-monitor was because twitter algorithm decided to show me this

The repository is this. See chat there are no topics. Description “Website performance reports for Slack, & Mattermost using performance.timing”

Problem: this repository cannot be found using GitHub search function for “rocketchat” even if we sort by stars instead of “best match” (default). Also using exactly “” does not return this repository on “best match” and only by “most stars” will return.

Note that most extensions for chat platforms tends to have slow amount of stars. So we provably missing a lot out there. IMHO a good promotion of this standards way could be even more efficient than just at some point sponsor hackathons, since the RC already have a good usage on it’s field.