RSS Bot/Integration?

Hi There,

Has anyone developed a bot/integration/addon that can post RSS feeds to a channel? Hubot is horribly broken these days with outdated npm libraries etc. I could never get it to work, tried on multiple *nix boxes… The Zapier and other cloud like connectors don’t really work well either. You’d think a simple thing like an RSS feed manager would already be incorporated into RC?

Thank you

Hi!! Welcome back here :slight_smile:

This is a very cool idea for an App.

I have been developing the Demo.App as a way to easy Rocket.Chat Apps development.

This app could, from time to time, read a configured rss feed, determine new entries, post to a configured channel, store that those entries were posted. and wait for the new execution.

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That would be great if it was able to do that!

I just updated Hubot to 4.1.0. Are you using existing hubot- scripts?