Payed work - Recieve email messages directly in rooms/channels

Hi, I am looking to hire a to assist with setting up the ability to receive email messages directly in rooms and channels. I am currently attempting this a very inefficient way via running a 3rd party hmail server that receives the email, parses it, and sends it as a messages to a room via json. This of course sucks and I don’t believe it to be the most efficient way to achieve this. Thanks for your time!

Why not use the RC’s own “direct mail” feature?

There will probably also be a fix in 0.71 so that e-mails in HTML format will be displayed correctly.

I think direct-mail could be manipulated to do what we want, but out of the box would not. Maybe I am wrong. We are on a closed network without internet access by the way. Ultimately I’m simply not smart enough to implement this feature. Also, we use RocketChat in a production environment so we are version locked to .54 so it doesn’t break any of our internal tools when we upgrade. We are stranded on a lonely version island.