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Configure Email Inboxes to send all emails to a specific channel, instead of Omnichannel

I have been using this in Slack to have deployed applications send daily logs via email to the server - As the functionality is already implemented in RocketChat, I wonder which modifications or configuration must be applied to make it work.

Sending emails to the Omnichannel seems to work fine but my usecase is completely different so the aim for LiveChat/Support does not apply.


In this instance you can probably just use the API to send them directly to a channel. No need for email to be involved (which saves lots of problems).

This is a good question, and to be honest I don’t know the answer but will ask.

I think it is probably because Rocket.Chat was never designed to be an email client. This feature was designed with customer support in mind rather than trying to turn Rocket into a fully fledged email client.

Oh, you mean the API of rocketchat-server, that I have running? Ill look into that, was not aware that is possible via remote.

Would indeed be a nice feature to be able to just assign email-addresses to rocketchat-channels.