Creating Users Without Email Address

I am in a free trial of Rocket.Chat and so far feel like this is solution to my communication improvement plan. I am a freelance production/audio engineer out of Nashville. One of my clients is a engagement/logistics company who helps put on large Summits/Meetings. We work with companies like Dell Boomi and SiriusDecisions to help them put on their internal/external events. The area I am responsible for is the smaller breakout meeting rooms. We might have 10-50 of these rooms going on at any given time and the audio/visual staff for those rooms are local technicians. I am looking at almost like a live help desk for the show. We typically have a room manager for every 3-5 rooms and a local production company providing the gear. Its a lot of people that don’t know each other that have to work seamlessly in couple days. That’s the rough background of situation.

What I am trying to do within is create a list of users and a generic login for the room techs. We want to use the room naming system the venue utilizes for the user names. The most recent event I worked the venue had ocean themed room names. (Surf A, Surf B, Breakers G, etc.) These will only be around for 3-5 days then get removed.

The hangup I have is the requirement of a unique email for each user.

Is there a way to forgo the email all together or a way to setup all these users under one ghost email account?

Again, these users are people we will work with once for a few days. We will remove those users and just create new ones for the next show.

Im sure tou already found a solution but you could always use email aliasing.

Gmail and several others support this

Yes, “subaddressing” is an easy and fast way to “create” new mail addresses. Unfortunately it is not supported by all mail servers, which leads to a problem with the “direct reply” feature (which has nothing to do with your problem now. I just wanted to mention in passing).