Creating Users Without Email Address


I am in a free trial of Rocket.Chat and so far feel like this is solution to my communication improvement plan. I am a freelance production/audio engineer out of Nashville. One of my clients is a engagement/logistics company who helps put on large Summits/Meetings. We work with companies like Dell Boomi and SiriusDecisions to help them put on their internal/external events. The area I am responsible for is the smaller breakout meeting rooms. We might have 10-50 of these rooms going on at any given time and the audio/visual staff for those rooms are local technicians. I am looking at almost like a live help desk for the show. We typically have a room manager for every 3-5 rooms and a local production company providing the gear. Its a lot of people that don’t know each other that have to work seamlessly in couple days. That’s the rough background of situation.

What I am trying to do within is create a list of users and a generic login for the room techs. We want to use the room naming system the venue utilizes for the user names. The most recent event I worked the venue had ocean themed room names. (Surf A, Surf B, Breakers G, etc.) These will only be around for 3-5 days then get removed.

The hangup I have is the requirement of a unique email for each user.

Is there a way to forgo the email all together or a way to setup all these users under one ghost email account?

Again, these users are people we will work with once for a few days. We will remove those users and just create new ones for the next show.