Pasting Image Super Slow

I have Rocket.Chat in Docker EE 18.09.0, UCP 3.1.2. When I try to copy and paste an image into the messages it stays at 0% forever, and takes forever for the clipboard to post! Why? Any ideas on how to make it faster?

Anyone can tell me why? We are in AWS using S3

Can you provide any info on the settings you have set In the file uploads?

Also version of a Rocket.Chat and mongo version?

Hi @aaron.ogle,

I’m facing the same issue.

My Rocket Chat version is 2.4.9 and Mongo is 4.0 setup via Docker.

I have tried setting the upload limit to -1 but it still doesn’t work and hangs at 0%.


@avimanyu786 yeah I need more info on your settings :slight_smile:

Can you take a screenshot of the s3 section in file upload? Of course white out or temporarily remove the creds for the screenshot.

Hi @aaron.ogle . Thank you for your help. Please find the image below:

How do we configure it via “FileSystem”? What location would be ideal to specify inside the docker container for the same?