Option to keep new users in a trial room without having to sign up and not allowing them to view the main group?

How would that be achieved because sometimes new users can just be trolls and not serious, or occasionally previously banned members. Although these are rare occurrences they are very disruptive when they have access to the full site.

What I did the other day due to a similar situation was to lock down registration to only be approved by me, the admin, however I don’t want to have to manually vet them as the normal practice before they can view the group as this is inconvenient both for me and the new potential user who has to wait for hours probably until I see the new deactivated account in users list. Most users are genuine and so this can put off genuine users who are not quite yet sold on the chat yet (this platform is new to most so it will need some convincing vs. a platform like discord which has become like the new skype).

Since most users haven’t heard of rocketchat before I would like them to be able to join to a test area so they get less spooked by a ‘sign up’ page as they might just auto close it as spam. So they only have to follow the link without any commitment to sign up right away.

I would like it so they can freely talk to all members in this one room without signing up and to get a feel for the platform til they would then be comfortable with signing up to gain full access to our group. How could that be acheived? I did a little reading so far and would I just make a private room and make an invite link for that?

I am still green to RC (first week server going live) so a lot to learn but loving it so far.