How to 'sell' rocketchat to die hard discord users? Or how to set up in a seamless way new users will not complain?

I have currently had to abandon my rocketchat server because there was so much resistance to using this ‘new’ and ‘untrusted/unknown’ platform that my work group was going to die if I didn’t make a tactical retreat back to discord.

The problem is that new users I would invite would be very suspicious of a custom domain/chat server and say ‘why not use discord’ and often just not come at all and also the old users who were on discord were very reluctant to move because ‘all my friends are on discord’.

It sucks tbh as I hate discord and their data mining ways and I really liked rocketchat but most people are so closed minded they just want the easy option.

I wondered do I just have to admit defeat or are their some ways to make it more palatable for people who don’t know the platform. Maybe embedding it better somehow? Apart from the unknown factor the other main issue was that new users had to sign up so I am sure they thought it might be some phishing scam or something even though I stated on the homepage that they can use a fake email; in general it is just another hurdle which they didn’t want to cross in the first place.

So any more ideas on how to mix sugar in with the medicine to make for more easy adoption by the skeptical new user.