Is there no way to have functionality like discord private groups where you don't have to invite everyone to every group and rather have the roles dictate access?

I didn’t see how to do it like that so far?

I have like 10 different channels which I wanted private from non signed up users so turned them to private groups. The reason is I want anonymous users to be able to check out rocketchat without having to sign up, so they can access the lounge but nothing else. Well it turns out I can’t seem to block them out of private groups either because if they are aware of the invite link then they can still join it regardless of privileges.

This is making it really a nuisance to inform all my current users of all the private groups while being able to keep anonymous users out of them.

I want it like discord where you don’t have to invite every single user to every single private group but rather have them automatically be able to see all the groups if they have a certain role.

Having to invite every single one individually is really annoying and didn’t see a better way. I thought that I could just make invite links and post them publicly but no…can’t do that because anonymous users are still able to join them too (and this is even with all other permissions unticked except for view public room for anon user).

So I don’t know how to work it currently? to allow all my signed up users to access groups easily while keeping them private and unknown to anon users until they decide to sign up. Well they wouldn’t need to be unknown to the anon users if they weren’t allowed to join, but they are.