Allowing only invited users to register

Hi All,
We use LDAP authentication our on-premise RocketChat server, and currently we only allow users in our LDAP users base to login. Is it possible to allow users to login using an additional SSO service (e.g. Google), but only if they were invited by and existing user?



I’m not sure specifically but if you only use private groups and/or teams then you can send an Invite user link.

That might be sufficient for your purposes?

Hi John,

That might help if it means that uninvited users cannot subscribe? Is that the case?

Many thanks,


I believe so but you really need to test for your own specific instance - it probably means anyone with SSO probably has access to any public channels, but not private ones.

This is one of those edge cases that is not really tested - there are so many available combinations of logins and options it is hard to be specific.