Oops your credentials were rejected! Im the administrator trying to login with my own account

I have ubuntu snaps rocket chat server.
I can login using desktop pc no problem.
When i install rocket.chat mobile app for android, i cannot log in using any account in rocket chat. It throws the same error with them all…

oops your credentials were rejected! Please Try again.

My bloody credentials are correct…how else can i be logging in on desktop pc?

Any ideas on WTF is wrong with the app?

hi @adamjedgar

just to make sure, when you downloaded the app, on the first screen have you added your server (typing the server address) or have you clicked “join the community”?

I’m in the same boat. I can log in over cell network on a mobile browser but not with the app.

I’m entering my http:/myip:3000 at the server selection screen and receive a password prompt. However, neither of the accounts I’ve created will connect.

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An interesting development.

I can access my server through the app IF using an account created through the app. Any pre-existing account is getting denied.

I’m experiencing the same issue @diego.sampaio any development on what the issue might be? I am using https://rc.seekingalpha.com as my server URL. thanks.