Support ticket opened a few days ago no response - related to inability to login


I also posted in the community board here
no response there either.
this all started last week. we have two related login issues:

  1. agents who logout when attempting to log back in MUST change their password to relogin
  2. my account as an admin got logged out sometime Sunday night. I attempted a FORGOT Password and never got an email. I was still logged in on my andorid and I changed my password and tried other admin functions. PC still wouldn’t login. I then logged out of the Android and now I was totally locked out. Another admin created some test accounts and I can connect to those . Even if you disable and reenable my original account via admin functions i’m still locked it.

currently we’re using the rocket authentication, we’re working on connecting it to our authentication server.

How can we get someone from support to followup? This is a show-stopper.


Leon Zetekoff

Server Setup Information

  • V 2.17.2

we got it fixed

Reset everything and also fixed the auth server had been hacked or made in to a dark web proxy

I had to format and start over the auth software had a zero day bug in it