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Omnichannel Not Allowed

Hi I just want to confirm:
The only way to use omnichannel feature activated is to pay for the cloud connected services right? even if I self hosted Rocket.Chat myself.

I’d like to connect to my own chat application for my customers. Is Omnichannel the best features to work on?

No you don’t have to pay to activate it, but you do need to connect to your own cloud workspace which you can do for free.

Simple omnichannel livechat is free to use.

There is a Twitter app which has a cost because of upstream costs.

Other connectors may vary - we have new Facebook and Whatsapp connector apps launching shortly which may have a cost.

That really depends on exactly what you want to do and how.

You probably need to have a good read in the documentation on topics like API.

Hi John,

We have already connected to your own cloud workspace. Even after enabling omnichannel in administration, it is not functioning. What could be possible reasons?

You are asked two questions originally.

Deploying Omnichannel - connect to the cloud workspace, enable Omnichannel and set it up, deploy the livechat widget to your website and start using the livechat, or use one of the connectors for FB etc.

Connect to your own own chat application - this is a huge topic and no one answer. We don’t even know what application you are using. You need to to have an in depth read of the documentation, and topics like API to work out how to connect them.

Thanks John. Let me reframe the question.

We have a website and are installing widget. We also have enabled and configured omnichannel (from business hours to session - all these are done with the help of admin userguide). Yet, omnichannel is not allowed. What could be the possible reason?

OK, retrace our steps a little.

Please give some details on your installation.

Have a read here on preparing some data:

Do you have https and websockets running correctly?

Does the widget load on the web page? Make sure the code and widget are not formatted in any way.

Have you checked your Rocket.Chat logs?

Thanks John. Appreciate your effort.

Will omnichannel be available (even if we had configured) only after widget installation?

Once enabled you should see the Omnichannel panel link from your user profile button.

You need to deploy the livechat widget properly on your website.

Once deployed it will connect back to your Rocket.Chat instance and chats should appear in the Omnichannel section.

Understood John. Thanks a lot.

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The business manager is verified. Twilio is also verified. The request from twilio to use facebook business manager is not showing. What could be the possible reason??

We can’t possibly tell as we have no idea what you have done at this point.

This is not really a Rocket.Chat issue.

You’ll have to tell us exactly what else you have configured.