Legacy Facebook Messenger Integration being deprecated

In the early days at Rocket.Chat we introduced a feature that allowed workspaces to connect with Facebook pages to send and receive messages. We built it into the core of our product. At that time omnichannel wasn’t a product or focus area. But, it was something we saw a need for from a few of our customers and created to help them out.

Over the years our strategy has evolved in both the product and technical sense.

Now we have a dedicated omnichannel product team working on new features. Connecting you to all of your customers through the needed channels for communication with them. And all from one tool.

We also changed our direction on the technical side. Instead of bloating up the core of Rocket.Chat more and more, we leveraged a new feature set that hadn’t existed before called apps engine. The apps engine now lets us deliver apps through our marketplace directly to you without having to bloat up the core application. Another great benefit of this is we now have the ability to ship updates constantly to the feature. This makes it much easier to maintain. We also used a much more robust backend that was designed to handle the sort of scaling of messaging providers and volume that you would expect of a mature product.

Through this time we didn’t really focus on the old facebook messenger integration. It kind of naturally entered a feature freeze. During this time we also stopped accepting new customers from using this legacy service and instead referred them to our new integration.

Today we are announcing the official deprecation of this old feature set. Removed in Rocket.Chat 6.0.

We will continue running the service side of this feature in our cloud until April 30, 2023

Community and Enterprise workspaces currently using this service will also be receiving an email to help you migrate to the new maintained and scalable solution, at no additional cost.