Omnichannel - Can't Transfer direct to anothe user


I use the Omnichannel in Rocket, but i can’t transfer a message to other user directly, only to other group

With admin user then works, but to normal users only show “Empty” in transfer list. I gived permission to transfer, but not worked

Can anyone help me to solved?

Sorry my english


Rocket Version: 4.6.3

HI! usually, when the list is empty, means the agent is not online or there is no other agents.

Can you make sure the user you plan transferring is online?

Hi Duda,

Yes, the is another agents online

Hi, sorry.

It should online AND available, meaning:


Yes, all agents is online and avaiable

Ok. When you transfer, can you open the browser console, and go to the network tab, and check the request it does for the transfer to take place?

I do it, but nothing change in network tab, only show Empty on users list

With admin user the users list show normaly