Notifications do not work on mobile app, web version, Email


Hi All,

I can’t get notifications to work at all. I think this is due to a combo of several issues, but in any case, no matter how I fiddle with the settings, users don’t get notified. Notifications used to work until a while back and then stopped. We did a few upgrades since (after they stopped working) but the problem persists.

In addition, there seem to be a problem on the mobile app for Android, that when you try to go into the notification settings, the setting screen is not displayed.

Can you help me start sorting out what is going on? Maybe I miss something in the settings or whatever?

Many thanks


Server Setup Information


Linux Debian 11

RC Version 4.6.3

Apps Engine Version 1.31.0

Node Version v14.16.1

MongoDB 4.4.5 / wiredTiger (oplog Enabled)

Any additional Information

Update: It turns out that most of it do work. The problem of not being able to setup notfication on the Android app remains…