How to make notifications on mobile work?

EDIT: I think they are working now. I missed the button on the top right to register the workspace previously. I did see a message to allow notifications in firefox and then after a while it said x new messages since you last blah...

Btw I clicked “apply trial” in my workspace on the cloud before things were working. I thought that might have been related to things now working. I see it is for enterprise edition, which I don’t want. I didn’t see a way to cancel it after so I hope this will just time out after the month and it will go back to free version?

Rocketchat server is up and working now behind nginx reverse proxy.

Things working fine there but no notifications come through for the mobile app.

Have had quite a few mentions from users just in the first days of having gone live they want notifications so would be good if it could be setup.

It isn’t clear from the docs what has to be done. It seemed to say that they will work automatically if you use rocket chat’s default gateways. This is what we plan to use since using the app is essential and read notifications on app only work with rc gateway.

It is not clear if anything else is needed here? because I read on some posts that you must register your domain on the cloud but no talk of that in the docs. So is this required or not or what else because they certainly aren’t working at the moment.

I went onto rocket chat cloud but saw nothing about adding your workspace - could not find any relevant tab for that - which is what the replies I read alluded to in order to make notifications work.

So could someone clarify what is needed to make them work please?

EDIT2: In the dashboard of the cloud it says it sent one notification - the one I saw above but now I can’t get it to send any more. The test ones still say there is no token - which it did say before even when the first one went through so I can’t tell if they are working or if they are really delayed or not working at all. Hard to tell what is going on…

EDIT3: seems they work for firefox browser when I click away from screen and send a mention to that user; there is a little box in the right hand corner saying there has been a mention. However when I try the same for mobile nothing…

Ok, they are working now! Showed up on cloud stats and another admin confirmed it on their mobile device.

hi! Thanks for sharing your discoveries :slight_smile:

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